Pan American Airways

I haven’t seen the TV show yet. Is it any good? I’m a big Pan Am history fan, since I was a kid in landlocked Northern Alberta clutching my atlas to my heart. Their posters are the stuff of dreams

Pan Am represented adventure in far-flung places, made less distant by jet travel. Although I never wanted to be a “stewardess,” I always admired their sense of adventure, professionalism and glamour.

The show is set in 1963 so (SPOILER ALERT)…


this flight, Pan Am 214, is likely to figure into the plot and involve at least one of the characters.


One thought on “Pan American Airways”

  1. Hey, Sparkle! (I finally figured out how to comment…)
    I watched an episode of PAN AM last weekend and was pleasantly surprised. The bunnies have been cancelled (no loss). I watched it because one of my hiking buddies was a “stew” in the 60s and she told us it was very nostalgic and true for her. I liked the drama and — let’s face it — the blatant sexual harrassment of the times. I’m not keen of Mad Men for making that a lesser part of the “office.” Hope you get to see it soon! Lise

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