The Importance of Boots on the Ground

First let it be said that I love research. Maybe too much. When I was writing my historical mysteries I had to finally set aside all the fascinating books and just *write.* Because you don’t want your research to be show-y and all “this is what I know.” It should flow naturally from the story. But a couple weeks ago I found out — in the nick of time — that sometimes all that book and internet research, even your memories of a place you’ve been, aren’t enough. You need boots on the ground.

My new thriller, Jump Cut, comes out next week — officially. I spent a couple days in Seattle shooting video and stills for a book trailer that I cobbled together last week. (Also just in the nick of time! Wouldn’t want to be planning ahead.) While my son (a great photographer, thanks, Nick!) and I drove around the city, getting shots of Seattle iconic sights like the monorail, the Space Needle, the ferries, etc., I noticed something. I had a couple details wrong. And they were, like, really important! In the big climactic scene.

Now, I would like to explain what I had in the manuscript, and how I had to change it, but it is the big climactic scene and I don’t want to spoil that — just in case you want to read the book. So let me just say that through the wonders of independent publishing, the errors were caught in the final version.

You may notice that I’m not myself for this book. I decided to try a pseudonym like many authors do. (Read about some of the Thalia Authors here and you’ll see, we are many.) This book is a bit different, a thriller set in the world of heroin, sex slavery, and television news, with a protagonist who is a reporter, and a second one who is a narcotics detective. A standalone, not a series book. It’s also got some humor, some sex, and some high stakes adventure. Sort of ‘Bridget Jones meets the Russian Mafia.’ Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Here’s a taste of the book, in the video teaser we just put together. Look for the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble — and order it in paperback from your local bookstore (ISBN: 978-1466292093) on November 1.

Author: Lise McClendon

writer, filmmaker, blogger, publisher, snow lover, sun worshiper, woman.

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