Movies About Writers

I finally saw Midnight in Paris.  The fiancée and her parents were clichés, though the kind one meets too often in Paris, but that minor flaw is easily forgiven because of the look of the film, the clever plotting, a perfect Hemingway, and the Surrealists.  Magic!  Writers are often the protagonists in Woody Allen’s films, which got me thinking about all the movies I’ve seen about my profession.

Writers spend most of their time in their bathrobes in tiny rooms, working, so they seem unlikely heroes and heroines for the screen.  Probably, their prominence in film is due to the fact that movies are written by, duh, writers, and we tend to solipsism.

Here is a list of my favorite fictional films about scribes:

  • Midnight in Paris
  • Shakespeare in Love
  • Henry and June
  • Barton Fink
  • The Shining

Do you have a favorite film about a writer?

— Sparkle Hayter

2 thoughts on “Movies About Writers”

  1. I love movies about writers, Sparkle, and agree with your assessment of Midnight in Paris. (I too thought the couple and their parents were cliches.) Wasn’t Adrian Brody great as Dali?
    One of my favorite movies about writers is Becoming Jane, about Jane Austen. Because she’s one of my favorite writers.

    1. That movie with Sean Connery (can’t remember the title right now) was good, I thought. It was the one when a dying author took a young writer under his wings.

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