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Few mix politics and pulp as well as Gary Phillips. Few are as qualified. A former  labor organizer and activist, he is still involved with issues in L.A. He is also one of the most well read in the genre. I spent some time with him last year in the Bouchercon book room at a table specializing in 30s and 40s pulps. He could talk about any author they had, particularly the obscure ones. It’s this combination of social awareness and bravado story telling that make him such a unique voice.

He is probably best known for his Ivan Monk private eye series. Deeply rooted in Compton, Monk owns a doughnut shop as well as his one-man investigation business. He also lives with a Japanese American judge who provides a foil both romantic and political for Monk. Picture Shaft, a bit older, a little mellower (but still a bad…

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