Remembering our soldiers

Lise McClendon

Like many Americans without a close relative in the military, I often think of Memorial Day as basically a three-day weekend, the start of summer and a good time to buy new sheets. But this year we marked ten solid years of war. Ten years. Remember when we sneered at the Russians for ten fruitless years in Afghanistan? Well, we have them beat. We started a second war in Iraq, for spurious reasons, that took seven years to unwind. Over 6700 soldiers have died in these two wars, not as many as our years in Vietnam by a long shot (because trauma care has improved so much.) The wounded continue to come home, without legs, with head injuries, with invisible scars to their psyches. Let’s all take a moment to remember the true cost of war. And thank those who have sacrificed so much, especially the wives, husbands, children, and…

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Author: Lise McClendon

writer, filmmaker, blogger, publisher, snow lover, sun worshiper, woman.

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