An Apology to Self-Published Writers

Things are changing in publishing. (You may have noticed!) Here, a book blogger confesses to her bad experiences with self-pubbed authors and … changes her mind. Sort of like Pride and Prejudice. Who are your favorite book bloggers?

The Mad Reviewer

Remember one of my first articles I ever did?  It was exactly one year ago to this day and it was called Self-Publishing: A Reviewer’s Perspective.  While I didn’t exactly say self-publishing was a terrible thing that was ruining literature, my feelings about it were generally negative.

So, first off, let me say I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for judging self-published writers before I really knew what self-publishing involved.  I’m sorry for judging self-published writers based on my very limited experience reading self-published books and a few big media incidents.  I’m sorry that I jumped to conclusions and pretty much lumped all self-published authors together.

You’ll probably be wondering how I came to my new perspective on self-publishing.  Let me say it wasn’t easy and it’s certainly not easy to admit on your public blog that you screwed up.  But it’s the right thing to do.  So here’s sort of…

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