Nine Stories High: Shop Feature

Our Thalia buddy Brynn Bonner, whose short story is in our anthology, DEAD OF WINTER, is featured in this post about her Etsy shop and crafts and writing fiction. Check it out.

Masters of a Modern Going Concern

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 1.02.41 AM

Over the last month I’ve teamed up with my mother as photographer, shipping specialist and part-owner of her new Etsy shop featuring handcrafted gift quality jewelry and paper crafts. Nine Stories High is a handmade gift shop with a twist. Each item comes with a tiny work of flash fiction. This shop was just co-founded by the loveliest NC- based fiction writer Brynn Bonner to fund her nightly zen crafting practice. All the items available from Nine Stories High are handmade to order and come wrapped with unique work of fiction! I sat down with my mom in her study in NC to talk about fiction, crafting and her creative processes.

Here is an interview with the co-founder and principle maker behind Nine Stories High:

What is flash fiction? 

BB: Basically it’s just a really short, bare bones story. I was very intimidated when I started to write fiction  years ago…

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