News Flash from The Muse

New J.D. Rhoades coming soon

The Kindle re-releases of the first three Jack Keller novels by J.D. Rhoades (with snazzy new covers) are set to drop January 6th from Polis Books and the all-new fourth volume, Devils and Dust, releases February 15th in hardcover.

Gary Phillips Novel Optioned for Television

Gary Phillips’ graphic novel, The Rinse, about a money launderer, has been optioned for TV.  A showrunner is attached and he’s currently writing the pilot script.  Note: this doesn’t mean the show is a go, but it does mean some spending money for Xmas. Exciting!

Gary also continues to write his weekly webserial about a working class handyman uncle, his grown niece, an Iraq war vet, and nephew, a former pro baller prospect in the Dixon Family Chronicles on the capital and main site. He’ll also have a short story in the hyper-attenuated vein of a Sin City vignette in the upcoming 50 Shades of a Fedora anthology the Private Eye Writers of America is putting out through the Dagger Books imprint in February  – to coincide with the release of the, ah, anticipated 50 Shades of Gray film.

New Historical Mystery from Sarah Shaber

The fourth book in Sarah Shaber’s Louise Pearlie series, Louise’s Blunder, came out in October.  She is also contracted for two more books in the World War II era series.

 Sarah has been named a guest of honor at next year’s big mystery convention, Bouchercon. The 2015 site is her hometown, Raleigh, North Carolina.


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