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Okay, okay, I’m blogging!

I am often asked 1) why don’t I write longer books, or 2) do I journal?, or 3) why don’t I blog more often?  That’s an easy question.  I don’t want to waste any words.  I write slowly, and short! I am a woman of few words.  It takes all the energy I have to … Continue reading

The Appeal of Historical Fiction

“I didn’t know I liked historical fiction until I read Louise’s War.” Fans of my earlier series, about amateur sleuth and historian Simon Shaw, often said much the same thing. They were surprised that history, at least history as the background for a mystery, could be so interesting. And I’m often asked why everything I write, even short stories, contains a historical element.

I’m a right brained person. I don’t find it easy to analyze, I rely on intuition to find my way, and that applies to my writing, too. I can’t answer easily why I am so drawn to the past. Continue reading

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