Gary Phillips: TPAC Author

I’m always trying new mediums and new ways to tell my stories. You’ll find links to my novels, short stories, graphic novels and more here. Most of my work is set in L.A. and Orange County — but it’s not the Orange County you’ll see on The O.C. Learn more about my work here.

Katy Munger: TPAC Author

I’m proud to be in the company of so many great authors. We’ve all worked our butts off for years creating really good books for readers who want more than copycats books.  It’s great to have the opportunity to connect with  a wider audience  now. I’ve got a cozy series, a bawdy humorous series and even a deeper, more introspective series for you to try. Check them out.

J.D. Rhoades: TPAC Author

I write dark, gritty crime fiction set in the American South. In fact, our own Katy Munger was one of the people who inspired me to write about the place.

I started calling the style “redneck noir” as a joke. It used to give my editor the hives when I called it that…then the Washington Post picked up the phrase and it stuck. I’m truly excited to be part of this e-book revolution and especially psyched to be associated with such talented and inspiring writers. Check out my Author Page.

Meet some of our authors:

Founding members of the Thalia Press Author’s Co-Op include Taffy Cannon, author of the Booked for Travel mystery series and many other titles; Kate Flora, author of the Thea Kozak series as well as many other books writing as Katharine Clark; Sparkle Hayter, author of the the Robin Hudson series, which captured a definitive time in NYC; and Lise McClendon,  author of two mystery series set in Wyoming and Missouri as well as several stand-alones.

Meet more of our authors:

Other founding members of the Thalia Press Author’s Co-Op include Katy Munger, author of the Dead Detective, Casey Jones and Hubbert & Lil mystery series; LA writer and editor Gary Phillips, author of the Ivan Monk series as well as numerous other novels, short stories and graphic novels;  J.D. Rhoades, author of the Jack Keller series and several stand-alone thrillers; and Sarah Shaber, author of the Professor Simon Shaw series as well as a new historical mystery series set in WWII Washington, DC.

Check out our anthology:

If you’re a fan of short stories with a twist, don’t miss TPAC’s first official anthology, Dead of Winter. It’s got something for everyone, from New England thriller and Southern noir to traditional mystery, the paranormal and more. Contributing authors include Sarah Shaber, who brings back historian Simon Shaw in Flesh Upon the Mountains; Kate Flora, whose Bone China offers up a deceptively innocent account of a loyal wife; Gary Phillips, who brings readers into the secret world of a salesman in Feathersmith’s Excellent Plan; Lise McCledon, writing as Rory Tate in the Seattle-based The Honey Trap featuring television reporter Mimi Raynard;Taffy Cannon writing about a beloved icon in a family beset by tragedy in Iced; frequent EQMM contributor Brynn Bonner, who writes about an NC investigative reporter in High Postage; Southern noir thriller writer J.D. Rhoades, who weighs in with I’ll Be Home For Christmas – a fascinating look at what happens when lowlifes locked in the fast lane collide; and Katy Munger, who writes about her Dead Detective protagonist Kevin Fahey in Library of Souls. Available now in e-book formats for the affordable price of $4.99. Learn more here.