Sarah ShaberSarah R. Shaber is the award-winning author of the Professor Simon Shaw murder mysteries and editor of Tar Heel Dead, a collection of short stories by North Carolina mystery writers.

The first book in her new historical mystery series is LOUISE’S WAR, published by Severn House in August 2011.  The second, LOUISE’S GAMBLE, will follow soon.

Shaber attended both Duke and Carolina. Her first career was in advertising and public relations.

She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband Steve, an attorney. Her daughter, Katie, and son, Sam, are all grown up.   Shaber’s household is managed by a miniature schnauzer.



Books by Sarah Shaber:

Louise’s War

Louise's War

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It’s 1942.  Louise Pearlie, a young widow, has come to Washington DC to work for the legendary Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA.  When she discovers a document concerning the husband of her college friend Rachel Bloch–a young French Jewish woman she is desperately worried about–Louise realizes she may be able to help Rachel escape from Vichy France.  But then a colleague whose help Louise has enlisted is murdered, and she realizes she is on her own, unable to trust anyone…

“Louise’s War is Sarah Shaber’s best novel yet.  I literally could not put it down. I finished it with tears in my eyes.  With a historian’s eye for the telling detail, she captures the essence of Washington in 1942 with its paranoia, its secrecy, and its potential to let women reinvent themselves at a volatile time.  Highly recommended.”

–Margaret Maron

Simon Said

Simon Said

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 Winner of the St. Martin’s Press/Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Award

While searching for artifacts in the aptly named Bloodworth House, Professor Simon Shaw — young, gifted and Pulitzered–comes upon a less-than-colonial corpse. Could she be the long-missing heiress Anne Bloodworth and can Professor Shaw sort things out and give his students their money’s worth?

 “Shaber charms us with her personable prof and her warm, vibrant portrait of small-town Southern life.”

New York Times

Snipe Hunt

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Simon Shaw travels to Pearlie Beach, North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving vacation with his friends, David Morgan, an archeologist, Marcus and Marianne Clegg and their three younger children, and his former crush Julia McGloughlin, a police attorney. Simon is expecting to spend Thanksgiving vacation working and preparing for the finals week that’s ahead, but is talked into solving another mystery of the past. Simon, Morgan, and Julia try to find the missing links between a diver’s suit that is dredged from the water, a dark family secret, and confederate gold.

The Fugitive King

The Fugitive King

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A forest ranger finds a woman’s skeleton in a 1953 pick-up truck below the Blue Ridge Parkway, while back in Raleigh her convicted murderer wants Professor Simon Shaw to prove his innocence.

“Simon is a sympathetic, well-developed character who is dealing with depression, his parents’ deaths, and the return to his boyhood haunts. An engaging mystery in a too-little-known series.”’


The Bug Funeral

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North Carolina college history professor Simon Shaw has been dubbed a forensic historian for his work in solving cold cases. But he’s never had a case like this before. A woman named Helen Williams asks him to help her recover past memories. She thinks she may have committed infanticide in a past life as a woman named Annie Evans. As Simon and Helen come closer to solving the truth about her memories, “accidents” happen to those who’ve provided them with information about Annie’s life, but eventually the clues fall neatly into place, revealing family secrets in this unique installment of Shaber’s enigmatic series.

“Shaw is an engaging hero — self-effacing, yet whip smart — and Shaber, as always, has done prodigious research and careful plotting that makes even the unlikeliest twists and a shocker ending somehow worthy of our trust.”

–Raleigh News and Observer

Shell Game

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Professor Simon Shaw encounters his oldest, coldest corpse yet—14,000 year old Uwharrie Man—the center of a murderous struggle for ownership of his bones that has already claimed one victim. Are there more to come?

“Great characters, flawless plotting and top-notch writing.”

–Mystery News

 Tar Heel Dead

Tar Heel Dead Cover

Buy on-line at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

From O. Henry to Lilian Jackson Braun, North Carolina has nurtured some of the world’s best-known mystery writers. This unique collection of mystery short stories showcases some of North Carolina’s best writing talent from the past and the present.

The stories in this collection are as diverse as the “detectives” they feature: the Native American policeman who solves his first case on the reservation; a Siamese cat with an intuitive affection for his paraplegic neighbor; an attentive convenience store owner; and a thirty-year-old computer whiz whose body stopped growing when he was nine. They solve crimes, locate treasures, and uncover deceit in a range of tales that reflects the breadth of the genre.

With stories to delight mystery devotees and fans of all good writing, this anthology highlights one of the most vibrant and popular elements of North Carolina’s literary legacy.

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