Sparkle Hayter is a Canadian journalist and author who was born in Pouce Coupe, British Columbia, Canada and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1986, she graduated in film and television production from New York University. Among other things, she worked for CNN in Atlanta, WABC in New York and Global Television in Toronto. At the time of the Afghan civil war, she moved to Pakistan and then went along with the Mujahedin to Afghanistan, reporting for the Toronto Star.  After this, she gave up journalism as a career and began her career as a comic and a writer. She moved briefly to Tokyo, then on her return to New York took up residence in the famous Chelsea Hotel.

She then published five more novels, the Robin Hudson series, which proved her breakthrough. She wrote for the New York Times Op-Ed Page, the Nation and Toronto Globe and Mail, was a regular participant on CNN’s talk show CNN & Company and was also seen on Good Day New York, NPR, CBC, BBC and Paris Premiere. Currently she lives in Paris and is writing her next novel.

In 1995, she received the Arthur Ellis Award (Best First Crime Novel) of the Crime Writers of Canada for her novel What’s A Girl Gotta Do?

Books by Sparkle Hayter:

What’s a Girl Gotta Do

whats a girl - hayter

Read an excerpt.
E-book and POD edition coming soon.

Nothing is going right for Robin Hudson, a spunky, sexy, “slightly rumpled, third-string reporter in Rita Hayworth’s body.” Her husband has left her for a prettier, and much younger woman; she’s been demoted to the tabloidtesque Special Reports unit at the All News Network after an on-air faux pas at the White House; and a blackmailer knows some of her worst secrets. To top it all off, Robin becomes a suspect in a brutal murder. Gathering her wits, her perfume atomizer spiked with cayenne pepper, and her Epilady, she turns reluctant gumshoe to find the real killer and clear her name–all this while doing an undercover assignment at a sperm bank with her loathsome boss. But Robin is going to need more than wisecracks and makeshift weapons to solve this murder and not become a corpse herself.

Who is investigating the investigative reporters of the All News Network, and why? When a private investigator turns up dead, Robin Hudson and most her colleagues become suspects. Which of this mad crew is the killer, and how will Robin find out before she too ends up on a slab?

 Nice Girls Finish Last

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At thirty-seven with one failed marriage and several lousy dates behind her, Robin Hudson is working on a new attitude — a Positive Mental Attitude. Sure, she’s still toiling away in the tabloidesque Special Reports unit at the All News Network for her loathsome boss Jerry Spurdle, but amidst rumors of cutbacks she thinks a good attitiude might improve her karma. Besides, she’s added to her personal defense system a new weapon — a hot-glue gun with two settings, steam and spray — so what could go wrong?

Then her gynecologist is murdered, and Jerry sends Robin to investigate a link with the S&M sex-club underworld. In the meantime, someone is taking potshots at ANN’s male talent. Are the shootings connected to the murder of the doctor? To Robin? Her Positive Mental Attitude hanging by a thread, Robin must solve the mystery — or she may never have another date. 

Revenge of the Cootie Girls


Amazon Kindle edition
Amazon Germany
Amazon UK
Smashwords multi-format editions

As the executive producer of Special Reports, Robin Hudson is feeling (relatively) settled. Okay, she’s bored. But it’s Halloween, and she has invited her innocent intern, Kathy, along on a Girls’ Night Out–a semiregular frenzy of female bonding meant to alleviate Robin’s girlfriends’ love crises and her own ennui.

When Kathy doesn’t show–but telephones from a strange man’s closet–Robin and her pals set off on a girlhunt through one long night of murder and mayhem, costumes and concealed weapons, men who are not what they seem (are they ever?), and unsettling deja vu. And Robin slowly comes to realize that the search for her missing intern is really a deadly trip into the past, fueled by an old curse.

 The Last Manly Man

E-book and POD edition coming soon.

Newswoman Robin Hudson finds that life actually seems to be going right for a change. But it isn’t long before a good deed for a strange man leads her into a bizarre murder investigation-and into a secret world of men she never knew existed. A testosterone-filled hunting expedition, libidinous chimps, a convention of drugged feminists, and a mysterious chemical known as Adam 1: what better way for a girl to take a look at the sexual stereotypes, social conditioning, and mad science that obsesses us all? A perfect blend of mystery and mockery, as well as an unorthodox love letter to men, The Last Manly Man brings Robin one of her most unusual cases yet.

“[Hayter’s] casual observations on New Yorkers and their loony obsessions have just the right dash of caustic wit.”

The New York Times Book Review

“The Last Manly Man is satire at its best: witty, wise, and oh, so relevant. Sparkle Hayter’s novel . . . is an absolute hoot!”

Author Susan Isaacs

The Chelsea Girl Murders

E-book and POD edition coming soon.

When a fire forces TV executive Robin Hudson to vacate her apartment, she and her cat, Louise Bryant, take shelter in the legendary bohemian hostelry the Chelsea Hotel. But then a smoky-eyed art dealer dies on her doorstep, and our ever-reluctant heroine is drawn into a homicide investigation. Is the murder related in some way to the star-crossed and irritable young lovers who have appealed to Robin for help? Or to a deadly catfight between rival lovers of the victim? To sort things out, Robin must brave the whole downtown scene: guerilla artists, jealous women, Zen bodybuilders, gouty widows, and befuddled tourists. And to make matters even more complicated, Robin herself seems to have fallen accidentally in love.

Stand-alone novels: 

Naked Brunch

Naked Brunch

E-book and POD edition coming soon.

Annie Engel hasn’t been feeling herself lately. With good reason. A mousy secretary by day, she’s been morphing into a werewolf at night. In the morning, she’s not quite sure what she’s been up to, but she knows she’d like to do it again. She soon discovers that her odd dreams and strange hangovers are actually the remnants of a night out on the prowl.” But Annie’s predatory activities have not gone unnoticed, and soon she is being pursued by one hapless reporter, a psychiatrist who wants to save her from her beastly impulses, and another (guy) werewolf who captures her heart. Who is a nice werewolf to trust? Get ready for a manic, madcap chase through the dank underbelly of the big city, a place where no one seems to sleep and the scents of fear and desire are always in the air.

Bandit Queen Boogie

E-book and POD edition coming soon.

Meet Blackie and Chloe, two best friends who decide, over tequila shots at the campus bar, to spend the summer after graduation backpacking through Europe. Blackie wants to go a little crazy—drink, smoke, flirt, meet men, have a romance or two. Chloe wants to nurse her broken heart and bury her nose in a book. One is dark and boisterous, the other blond and quiet. Together, they are an irresistible combination to men . . . married men, to be exact.

The girls upgrade their accommodations from hostels to hotels when they let the men who’ve been wrecking their trip finance their fun. Accepting these cheaters’ invitations to their hotel suites, Blackie and Chloe beat them at their own game and make off with cash and whatever valuables are at hand while the men sleep it off. It’s the perfect crime (no married man would want to explain why he had two young coeds in his hotel room, now would he?) until they hit the wrong mark in Monte Carlo. When their latest “victim” turns up dead, the gig is up . . . and the Bandit Queens are on the run.
Chloe and Blackie’s ride through Europe gets a whole lot wilder with a bevy of wacky characters in hot pursuit of the two women who were last seen with the dead man and his golden statue. Will they be arrested, strain their friendship, or worse?

Praise for Sparkle Hayter:

“Flat-out funny, audacious and a little bit weird, Hayter stakes out territory all her own . . .. For readers who respond to this brand of humor, Hayter’s next book can’t be published soon enough.”

Publisher’s Weekly (starred review).

“Put down the paper right now and go out to buy What’s a Girl Gotta Do by Sparkle Hayter . . . a mystery where you wait on the edge of your seat not for the next murder, but for the next thing Robin is going to say.”

The Washington Post.

“Enough fun here to make us beg for another installment.”




“The funniest thing to come out of Canada since the moose.”

Red Magazine

“A hilariously written romp across the gender divide, downtown Manhattan’s alternative scenes, and the frenetic world of TV News.”

Entertainment Weekly



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